All of my my must-have yard tools.

My Top 6 Must-Have Yard Tools

Looking for tools that’ll make yard work easier? I’ve compiled a short list of my must-have yard tools to make your life easier. Since spring has hit us here in Omaha, I’ve been doing so many outdoor projects. Everything from laying sod, planting flower beds, adding pavers to my driveway, and more. It’s back breaking work, but the results are worth it. There are many different tools that I’ve used during these outdoor projects, but beyond the basics like shovels, wheelbarrows, and rakes, I have a list of six must-have yard tools that will make yard work so much easier for you.

Must-Have Yard Tools

Electric Tiller/Cultivator

This tiller from Sun Joe has been in regular use at my house since I bought it over a year ago. It’s fairly lightweight and folds for easy storage. I love that I can adjust the depth that I want to till into the ground, and boy, does it do a good job of tearing into the ground.

Electric tiller available from Amazon.

Everyone thinks of using tillers when it comes to working up the ground for planting a garden or a lawn, but beyond that, they’re amazing to use whenever you need to work in some dirt, whether you need to level out part of your yard or even remove it. I recently used my tiller while installing some pavers. It was perfect for breaking up the grass and dirt so I could shovel it out and lower the ground down.

You’ll need a heavy duty extension cord to run this tiller. I love mine from Craftsman. It’s on a stand, making it easy to move around the yard, and has a reel, so putting it away is a breeze.

Cordless Blower

This handheld, cordless blower from Milwaukee is so handy! It’s lightweight and much easier to use than a traditional gas blower. It runs off the same batteries as the rest of my Milwaukee tools and I use it constantly.

Milwaukee blower

The other day, I did some potting on my back patio. The blower quickly cleaned up all the dirt I had spilled—so much faster than sweeping. It’s also great for blowing leaves and other debris, like grass clippings. I use it to clean up saw dust as well. You’ll not regret adding this to your list of must-have yard tools.

Using my cordless blower to clean up dirt from planting.

All the batteries for Milwaukee tools are interchangeable from tool to tool. If you don’t already have a Milwaukee battery from another tool, like a drill or a brad nailer, you’ll need to purchase a battery for this blower separately here.

Pressure Washer

There is nothing more satisfying than pressure washing, and I love my Giraffe Tools pressure washer. It’s wall mountable, so it comes with an extra long 100ft hose, and a reel for easy storage. You can choose from four different nozzles based on what you’re pressure washing. And this thing is powerful!

Giraffe pressure washer.

See how pressure washing totally transforms this old, weathered fence?! I always use my pressure washer to clean my patio, wash the cushions on my patio furniture, or even clean my area rugs. It’s great for cleaning your driveway, gutters, or car. Beyond just cleaning, a pressure washer can be used to strip paint before painting. Such a handy tool to have in your arsenal.

Using a pressure washer on a fence.

Wall Mounted Hose Reel

Also from Giraffe Tools is this awesome, wall mounted hose reel. We have two of these, one for the front yard, and one for the back. It has a long 100 ft hose, so I can reach everywhere in my yard. The best part is that it’s easy to reel back in. No turning a crank or winding a dirty hose up by hand. Just a little tug, and it rolls right up.

Giraffe hose reel.

We use ours for everything you use a regular hose for, from watering the plants around the mailbox, to wetting the polymeric sand during paver install. This hose reel is absolutely one of my top must-have yard tools.

Water Timer

I’m all about must-have yard tools that make yard work easier, but I especially love things that make my life easier. This water timer from Melnor genuinely makes my life easier. As a busy mom, I always have 100 things on my mind. I simply will not remember to water my lawn or my garden. I used this timer to set up an automatic watering system for my front lawn to keep my new sod looking good, and used a similar timer for the drip system in my veggie garden.

A water timer for watering your yard.

It’s so easy to use. I added a splitter to have this timer and my Giraffe hose reel both hooked up on the front of the house. I can attach up to four hoses and have four different watering zones with different lengths of watering and different times. This watering timer is the best; my yard would be dead without it.

A Stand Up Weeder

And last, but most certainly not least for my must-have yard tools, is Grampa’s Weeder. This thing is awesome and so practical. Whenever I demonstrate how to use it for my Instagram followers, everyone is blown away by how easily you can pull weeds without bending over.

How to use Grampa's Weeder.

Grampa’s Weeder has what looks almost like a fork at the end. You stab those tines down around the weed you want to pull and step down on that foot bar.

How to use Grampa's Weeder to remove dandelions.

A little wiggling forward, back, or both and…

How to use Grampa's Weeder to remove dandelions.

Boom! That weed is pulled right out of the ground. No bending over is required. You will love this thing and regret all the weeding you have done on your knees in the past.

How to use Grampa's Weeder to remove dandelions.

Links to My Must-Have Yard Tools

Quick list of links to all of my must-have yard tools featured in this post.

Let me know if you have any questions about these must-have yard tools. If you want to see these tools in action, check out my Instagram.

Looking for outdoor project inspiration? Check out the Garden & Yard section of my blog. I’ll be adding more and more there as projects get completed this summer.

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