DIY Tall Outdoor Planter Boxes for the Garden

Making your own tall outdoor planter boxes for the garden is easy and affordable! Learn how to build your own raised garden bed against a house with this DIY tutorial. Get started on your gorgeous planter boxes today – great for beginner and experienced gardeners alike! In my heart I’ve always been a gardener, but […]

Good Times & Tan Lines

Update on Charlotte’s Eye… Charlotte had a recent exam and we’re so relieved to say she’s still cancer free. We’ll go back in 3 months, and then 3 months after that, and if she’s still cancer free, then we only have to go back every 6 months. We determined that her one eye can only […]


Because It’s Vacation Time! This post includes affiliate links. Whoo hoo! Stuart has 9 days off in a row, so we’re making good use of his time off and spending a few days in Destin, Florida for some much needed sun and beach fun. We’re taking Grandpa and Grandma Montenegro and a couple of Stuart’s […]

If You’re My Neighbor, Expect a Bag of Zucchini

Our Backyard is Coming Along… This post includes affiliate links. Source Info: Wood Burning Smokeless Fire Pit / Outdoor Sectional / Adirondack Chairs Spending time in our backyard hosting friends is one of our favorite ways to spend a summer evening. We’ve decided to prioritize our backyard so we can take advantage of the good […]

The BEST Honey Whole Wheat Bread Recipe

If you’ve been searching for the perfect honey whole wheat bread – one that’s simple to make, uses whole grains, and is delicious – then you’ve come to the right place. I’m sharing my fail-proof recipe for my family’s favorite whole grain bread. Get your apron on because it’s time to bake! What I Use […]

Malcom Aaron Montenegro’s Birth Story

This post includes affiliate links. Baby Malcom took his sweet, sweet time getting here! But even though we had to evict him, I’m grateful he came safely and without complications. He was due on March 20th (Charlotte’s birthday!) but since my other girls had all come a week before their due date, I was fully […]

DIY Small Front Porch (Part 2)

Do you want to add a DIY small front porch to an existing house? I built one myself and now I’m sharing all the tips and tricks I learned along the way. Hello again! I’m splitting up my DIY front porch tutorial into separate posts so it doesn’t seem so overwhelming. The construction was done […]

Baby Boy Montenegro is (Not) Here!… yet.

But, we did finally choose a name! Picking out a boy name was surprisingly difficult for both Stuart and me. Stuart has a (what I think is strange) aversion to duplicating any names within the family, and if you know anything about my family, that is a very difficult feat. I am the 15th of […]

Squish’s Birthday Was Both Terrible and Terrific

Squish Had the Worst Birthday and the Best Birthday… This post includes affiliate links. Poor Squish had been looking forward to her birthday for weeks. A couple of days before her birthday she and Lolly both started coming on with a minor runny nose and watery eyes, and while Lolly weathered it like it was […]

Tips For Making Sushi At Home

This post includes affiliate links. Would you like some tips for making sushi at home? Sushi is one of my very most favorite foods and being as expensive as it is and the DIY-er that I am, I decided a couple years ago to investigate making my own. After a few trial-and-error experiments and a […]

Preparing for Baby Boy Montenegro

This post includes affiliate links. Hello and thanks for checking in! Here are some things you may have missed last week – Baby’s Almost Here! Check Out What I’m Doing to Prepare… Finished Up One Project and Now On to the Next… The master bathroom is done and it looks so pretty! It was a […]

It’s Finally March!

Hello and thanks for checking in! Here are some things you may have missed last week This post includes affiliate links. March Is An Important Month Around Here… It’s March, which means it’s officially baby month! My due date is March 20th, which happens to be Charlotte’s birthday, but I’ve always gone into labor a […]