We’re Moving to Omaha Nebraska!

Utah, you’ve been good to me, but the time has come for us to part ways. We’re moving to Omaha Nebraska!

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We’re Moving From Utah to Nebraska

We’re trading mountains for prairies, Cougars for Corn Huskers, and Jell-O for Kool-Aid. Thank you, Utah, for giving me my husband, my girls, and Home Goods. And thank you Home Goods for also moving to Omaha, Nebraska.

It’s crazy, right? Where even is Omaha? Isn’t that just somewhere to buy mail order steaks?

I’m sprinkling images of our new house throughout this post so you can get an idea of our future plans.

Picture of a house in Omaha Nebraska
The exterior rocks will be removed or covered somehow, and the house will be painted. I’m still debating about enclosing the patio.
I’m waiting for the right time of year to start working on the grass, but removing that large tree will come first.

Our Exciting Journey to Omaha Nebraska

When Stuart joined the Air Force, we knew we’d eventually leave Utah after he graduated from medical school. His residency could only be done at an Air Force base, and there’s only a handful of bases that have a Family Medicine residency program.

Backyard in Omaha Nebraska
The picture doesn’t capture the size of the backyard. It’s gigantic. My girls love playing outside, so we’ve got to figure out the grass issue. They would love it if I built them a treehouse.
Back of a house in omaha nebraska
I’ve got a Pinterest folder full of incredible outdoor living space ideas, and I can’t wait to start!

Which State Should We Move To?

We’ve spent the last several years thinking and speculating about where we’d end up. We were ready for the adventure and excited to start planning for the next phase of our lives. About a year before Stuart’s graduation, it was time to make some decisions. The Air Force asked us to rank in order our top 3 base choices: Florida, Omaha Nebraska, and Las Vegas

yellow walls inside of a hosue
This will be our dining room. The room has enough space for a fireplace, so I’ll be learning how to build one myself!
railing inside of a house
The orange and purple walls will be painted a neutral color, and the railing on the stairs will be modernized. I’ll install lighter, more modern looking flooring. I’d LOVE a new front door.

Keep Calm and Consider a Move to Nebraska?

We took a quick weekend trip to Florida and enjoyed ourselves. I could envision myself as a Floridian. Most of the Montenegro clan live in Las Vegas, and the idea of living close to family was appealing. But when Stuart visited Omaha, he was impressed with Offutt Air Force Base.

yellow walls of the interior of a house in omaha nebraska
The kitchen is hidden behind that wall, and I want to open up the space, so I guess that means I’m getting a new kitchen. Shoot.
dining room with yellow walls
This is the old dining room / new kitchen location. The window will need to be relocated since that corner will be covered by a cabinet.

Pros and Cons of Moving to Omaha NE

We made a thorough Nebraska Pros and Cons list:

Reasons to move to Nebraska: We prayed and received confirmation that it’s where we should move.

Reasons not to move to Nebraska: Tornados

doorway of a house in omaha nebraska
This picture confirms my desire to relocate the kitchen. I love to cook and if we kept it like this, I’d never see my family.
white kitchen in a house in omaha nebraska
It’s a cute kitchen, but totally not my style. This space is a future walk in pantry and office/homeschool space.

Buying a House in a Crazy Real Estate Market

We knew we wanted to buy a house since we’d be in Omaha for several years. I was tired of living in rentals and have been longing to renovate a house of my own. Check out all my previous home renovation projects on my Instagram account.

Now we just had to find a house to buy that was: in our price range, located in the right neighborhood, big enough for our family, and had good bones. This was Spring 2022, during the worst real estate market in a decade. A breeze, right? If a breeze and hurricanes are the same thing…

family room with grey carpet
The family room fireplace will get a makeover, and the built in bookshelves will be updated and painted.
back door and stairs with grey carpet
The back of the family room will lead up to our future homeschooling/office area. I’d like to replace the slider door for something more attractive.

Looks Like We’re Moving to Omaha Nebraska!

We submitted a lot of offers, and each time it was outbid, we’d feel a bit more anxious. But we knew Heavenly Father was looking out for us, so I felt at peace. And eventually, we found THE PERFECT house. It looks like we’re moving to Omaha Nebraska!

old bedroom with dirty carpet
Imagine this basic bedroom x 4. I’m pumped for each one to look beautiful and unique.
old bathroom in a house in omaha NE
Wait till you see the plans we have for all of our basic bathrooms. A walk in shower, two shower heads, beautiful tile…

The house needs A LOT of work, but it’s all work we can do ourselves. And if we can’t do it, then we’ve got our secret weapon: Grandpa Montenegro. I’m so excited to take you on this journey!

Old basement inside a house in omaha
For now the basement will be used for storage, but the area has a lot of potential.
washer and dryer side by side
The Home Depot is going to help me redesign my laundry room.

Follow our progress on Instagram. We’ve already gotten started, but you can go back through my highlights to catch up!

demolished room inside a house

Check out the laundry room I remodeled with the help of The Home Depot. And read bout my new floors that were installed using Duravana Plank Flooring. It’s the best flooring on the market.

Thanks for reading and I’d love it if you left a comment with your ideas!

Man and woman jumping in the air
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  1. G.M.S. Werks says:

    Congratulations on your move to Omaha, Nebraska! It’s always exciting to embark on a new chapter in a different city. Your blog post captured the anticipation and positive energy surrounding your relocation. I appreciate your insights into the charm and amenities Omaha has to offer. Wishing you a smooth transition and a wonderful experience in your new home!

  2. Jeanie Manser says:

    This brings back all the feelings of when we moved here to Omaha! Our home was definitely a fixer-upper, I feel like we had a dumpster rental outside our house for an eternity, but man, Omaha is a great place. I’m glad you ended up here!

  3. Michelle Brownfield says:

    It’s so exciting that you’re getting ready to birth a baby boy to add into your family with your sweet beautiful girls. All the work you’ve done to this home is incredible and I just love following along. Hopefully see you in a few weeks with your new bebe. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • Crystel Montenegro Home says:

      Thank you for your kind words Michelle. I love that you’re following along and I hope I’ve given you a bit of inspiration

  4. Jaeg says:

    You are simply amazing …lots of physical work but an investment in yourself and family so also a work of love. Can’t wait to see how it all plays out!! Love seeing all the nifty things you do and am so grateful you share all that know how with those of us who don’t have that gift… yet! The pic of you guys at the end shows which of you is more excited to start tearing into the place LOL
    Praying all goes well in this journey for you – for family, Stuart’s residency, the move and the renovation!

    • Crystel Montenegro Home says:

      Yep we totally tore into that house day 1! Thank you for saying such kind thing and for supporting me. I love sharing with people like you who appreciate it

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