Because It’s Vacation Time!

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Whoo hoo! Stuart has 9 days off in a row, so we’re making good use of his time off and spending a few days in Destin, Florida for some much needed sun and beach fun. We’re taking Grandpa and Grandma Montenegro and a couple of Stuart’s siblings because the more the merrier. We will be staying in a hotel right on the beach because “the beach” is basically our only activity. Our entire trip was purchased using points we’ve been racking up from our credit card program, including the extra points we earned from our canceled Southwest flights to Las Vegas during Christmas. All of us are able to check a bag, but since I can pack all 3 girls’ belongings into 1 suitcase, we’re taking advantage of some extra space and bringing board games, books, and beach toys. Some of our favorite board games are Catan, Cover Your Assets, and Play Nine.

Here is our tentative schedule:

Sleep In
Play Board Games While Eating
Eat While Working On A Puzzle
Eat Some More

So if I don’t respond to your messages, it’s probably because I’m eating.

Since we’ve added an entire new human to our family, staying organized while traveling is necessary. If you’re going on vacation this summer, you’ll want to read the post I wrote about my 15 Essentials to Stay Organized While Traveling.

Everyone Got a New Swim Suit!

Men’s Swim Suit / Women’s Black Swim Suit / Little Boys Swim Suit

Mermaid Swim Suit / 2 Pack Swim Suit / Floral Swim Suit

Wanna see what I’m taking with me to the beach?

Waterproof Blanket / Compact Chair / Shade Pop Up

Toss & Catch Ball Set / Spike Ball / Sand Toy Set

Adult Puzzle / Kids Puzzle / Puzzle Mat

Beach Tote Bag / Natural Sunscreen / Cover Up

This Week’s Amazon Top Sellers…

Grampa’s Weeder / Electric Pressure Washer / Pet Grooming Vacuum



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