If You’re My Neighbor, Expect a Bag of Zucchini

Our Backyard is Coming Along…

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Spending time in our backyard hosting friends is one of our favorite ways to spend a summer evening. We’ve decided to prioritize our backyard so we can take advantage of the good weather while it lasts. The landscaping is coming along slowly but surely, and the design includes lots of crisp lines with a few curves here and there around our garden beds. Our friends are coming over this weekend and we’re looking forward to breaking in our new outdoor furniture and using our smokeless fire pit to cook up some s’mores. Have you seen these new square marshmallows that are perfect for s’mores?

Speaking of Gardens…

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I’m dreaming of tomato sandwiches on repeat. Is there anything better than a home grown tomato? I submit that there is not.

In a few months, we’ll be flush with:
Sugar Snap Peas
Brussel Sprouts
Sweet Potatoes
Tomatoes, Tomatoes, and more Tomatoes

And of course, dandelions. Who knew dandelions were so controversial? If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check out the comments on my TikTok video. Here’s the awesome weed puller that’s destroying the world.

Continuing With Our Garden Theme…

Malcom is growing like a weed. Charlotte is the most in love with him, and he loves her back, but he doesn’t appreciate the smothering. She says over and over “he’s so cute, he’s so cute”. All the girls are good about giving him a pacifier when he needs it, but Evelyn has really been the best helper. She’s very proud that she can pick him up and walk around. He’s had a few 3 hour blocks of sleep at night, but mostly he’s up every 2 hours, which means I’m up every 2 hours, which means being tired has become part of my personality. I’m expecting a real smile from him any day now.

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