15 Essentials to Stay Organized While Traveling

15 game-changing essentials that help you stay organized while traveling. From weekend road trips to weeklong cruises, these travel products are a must-have!

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essentials to stay organized while traveling

At 33 weeks pregnant I’ve been a little desperate to get out of this midwest winter, and with my husband being insanely busy with his family medicine residency program, I was determined to get in some sort of a baby-moon one way or another. I was excited when some friends and I decided to meet for a girl’s weekend in Destin, Florida. We ate good food, stayed up way too late, relaxed on the beach, and had a blast. My tan lines are a bonus souvenir. It was a great last hurrah before the next littlest Montenegro joins us.

I’ve narrowed down my favorite Amazon essentials that helped me stay organized while traveling, and I’m sharing all my can’t-live-without travel hacks so your trip will be smooth sailing.

  1. Travel Pill Organizer
  2. Crossbody Bag
  3. Electronic Cord Organizer
  4. Silicone Sleeve for Curling Irons
  5. Selfie Stick
  6. Packing Cubes
  7. Apple Air Tag
  8. Velvet Jewelry Organizer
  9. Portable Charger
  10. Weekender Bag
  11. Headphone Transmitter
  12. Cosmetic Travel Organizer
  13. Leather Backpack
  14. Hard Shell Rolling Suitcase
  15. Laptop Case

Reasons You Need These Travel Essentials To Stay Organized

Travel Pill Organizer – Since I’m pregnant, I’m taking even more vitamins than I regularly do. This pill case fits everything I need and more. It’s AWESOME!

Crossbody Bag – When you’re out and about and just need your credit card, phone, portable charger and ChapStick, leave the bulky purse or wallet at home.

Electronic Cord Organizer – I was tired of rummaging through the bottom of 4 different bags looking for that one specific cord that only charges that one specific device.

Silicone Mat for Curling Irons – Have you ever packed your curling iron in your suitcase and said a little prayer that it’s cooled off enough to not melt anything? Never again. Use this mat to quickly pack up your flat iron when you procrastinated getting ready and now only have 2 minutes left to check out.

Tripod & Selfie Stick – Super easy to set up and fold up, and folds up so small!

Packing Cubes – I’m embarrassed to admit that I’m new to the packing cube craze, but now I get it! They’re kind of magical; it’s the same amount of clothes, yet you have more space if they’re in the cubes. It’s straight out of Harry Potter.

Apple Air Tag – With all the airline craziness lately, I’m making sure every checked bag has an air tag inside.

Velvet Jewelry Organizer – I’ve started to use this as my permanent jewelry organizer because it keeps everything so neat and organized and is pretty enough to keep out on my bathroom counter.

Portable Charger – I think we all know why this is invaluable. I’ve been stuck at the airport enough times to know what it’s like to fight for an outlet in the terminal.

Weekender Bag – The name says it all. You can fit at least a weekend’s worth of clothing, toiletries, etc in this bag.

Headphone Transmitter – Airlines provide headphones that you have to plug in, but instead you plug this in and use your own earbuds. Genius!

Cosmetic Travel Organizer – By far my favorite find. It’s customizable, fits all my makeup AND toiletries, and is compact enough to easily fit into a suitcase or backpack

Leather Laptop Backpack – It’s been a long time since I’ve used a backpack, but this one is cute, fits a ton of stuff, and is the perfect size to take as your personal item on a plane. It’s got a strap on the back that’s specifically for attaching it to suitcases which adds a ton of convenience when you’re taking that long walk through the airport.

Hardshell Rolling Suitcase – These have amazing reviews on Amazon and come with several cool features I’d never seen before. I have loved them!

Laptop Case – This case is made of Neoprene, and it’s got the right amount of padding and protection for my laptop.

Good luck on your next trip! If you’re looking for more ideas to help you stay organized while traveling, check out my Amazon Storefront!


15 essential travel items
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