Great News About Charlotte’s Eye

Hello and thanks for checking in! Here are some things you may have missed last week

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Charlotte Had an Eye Exam…

Charlotte’s eye exam was done while under anesthesia. Everything went smoothly and no cancer was found! Thank you so much for all your prayers. This is such a blessing. We’ll go back in another 3 months for a follow up. Charlotte is usually confused and not too happy when she wakes up, but it doesn’t take her long to snap out of it.

Sleepy little girl

Stuart Took an Important Test…

Stuart passed his final board exams! We never doubted the outcome, but are still relieved there’s no more high-stake tests to complete. It’s a big win for Dr. Montenegro.

medical board exam grades

I Got Some Surprising News During My Ultrasound…

I had my 34 week gestational appointment and got some disappointing news. The baby is breech which means I’ll have to do some work if I want to avoid a cesarean. I’ll be seeing a chiropractor and we’ll try the Webster technique to help get this baby spun around. One highlight from the appointment is each of the girls had a turn using the ultrasound wand to find the heartbeat.

little girl helping with ultrasound
little girl helping with ultrasound

Amazon Top Sellers From Last Week…

25 Piece Drawer Organizer Set – I’m using these in my bathroom

organization bins

Modern Matte Black Door Knob – Eventually all my doorknobs will be switched out to these

black modern door knob

Women’s Zippered Sweatshirt – Even cuter in person!

pink sweater

Lately On The Blog…

If you’ve been around since the beginning, you might remember this project. I finally got the tutorial written up and it’s available now!



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    You’re so incredible ! Beautiful smart talented and an incredible mommy. Good for you !

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