Good Times & Tan Lines

Update on Charlotte’s Eye…

Charlotte had a recent exam and we’re so relieved to say she’s still cancer free. We’ll go back in 3 months, and then 3 months after that, and if she’s still cancer free, then we only have to go back every 6 months. We determined that her one eye can only see light and dark, and that we can stop using her conformer because her eye socket is pretty much done growing and we aren’t really in danger of it caving in anymore. In a few years when she starts to become conscious of her turned eye, we’ll do a simple corrective eye surgery to straighten it out. For now she’ll wear glasses for protection only, and she picked out a pair that are adorable.

Vacation Recap…

The Montenegro rating for our Destin, FL vacation was 4 1/2 stars. It lost 1/2 star because we got sunburned, even though we applied and reapplied sunscreen, but also because the second day it rained all day long. Turned out okay though because most everyone except myself and Malcom were too burned to want anything to do with the sun for a day or so. Malcom was lulled to sleep by the ocean waves and mostly stayed under our beach tent the whole time. Have you seen these UV Detector Patches on Amazon? Definitely gonna be using these next time. We stayed right on the beach at the Hyatt in Panama City. Stuart’s parents and brother and sister came, and with the exception of the rainy day, we all spent most of our time on the beach. There was a delicious continental breakfast as far as continental breakfasts go, and since we had a kitchenette in one of the rooms we were able to grab some sandwich stuff for lunches. We found some yummy local restaurants for dinner, and we were even able to leave the kids with my brother and sister in law for an evening to go on a double date with grandma and grandpa to a delicious seafood restaurant. The highlight was the Pirate Cruise which the girls absolutely loved. Lolly reminds us daily that “we’re pirates now!”. Another cool thing about the trip was most of it was paid using credit card points. We talked all about it on our Instagram Live Video.

Stuart had a total of 8 days off and we planned our trip for the first 5 of them. This was a smart idea since I always find myself needing a few days to recover from my vacation before we jump back into normal life again. So we had a few more days to unpack and do laundry, and also to finish a few projects around the house.

Stuart’s Father’s Day Wish List

It’s June which means it’s time to start thinking about the men in your life. These are some of the things Stuart either owns already or has his eye on that he thinks would make great Father’s Day gifts:

  1. Hey Dude Loafer Shoes
  2. Polarized Sun Glasses
  3. Milwaukee Blower
  4. Beard Trimming Bib
  5. Grateful American: A Journey From Self to Service
  6. American Flag Cufflinks
  7. Ultra High Def Binoculars
  8. Charging Station
  9. Electric Leaf Mulcher
  10. Raycon Wireless Speaker
  11. Men’s Dress Shoes



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