There are so many times in life where I feel like I’m coming up short, which I’m sure most of us have in common. Sometimes I feel like I’m not doing well in this or that area, and I know I need to improve. I have found, though, that there is a difference between seeing your shortcomings and working to fix them vs. seeing your shortcomings and getting down on yourself for not being perfect enough. It definitely takes a lot of practice and willpower to keep from getting down on yourself all the time when you find you are not good enough in some way. It’s definitely not an easy task. That’s one reason why I have always been a sucker for a good inspirational quote, especially when it makes me want to change myself for the better. If I place it somewhere where I will see it regularly I can keep reminding myself that I am good enough, or that I can do better, or of principles of life that if implemented will improve the general quality of my life. Oh yeah, and I can also appreciate a little good natured humor, too.

I really have been loving this trend going around the last few years of displaying wordage as wall decor, shelving decor, or countertop decor. It makes it so easy to put quotes everywhere for my entire family to see! It can also set a precedence for those visiting my home who will find out very quickly what kind of goals we are working toward as a family and hopefully what kind of people we are, as well as the conduct expected of those living and staying there.

That’s one reason why I have created a printable library with some of my favorite quotes and scriptures! I have one listed below for you to download from here, but you’ll need to subscribe to my blog to download the others. The subscribe box is over there to the right of this page. I will also be adding to my library as I encounter new quotes that I love. Enjoy!

Never let a problem to be solved become more important than a person to be loved

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