Must Have DIY Tools For Beginners

One of the more common questions I get is what are the best tools for beginners. I am going to provide a list of the most basic tools you need as well as links. (This post contains affiliate links)

Beginner tools for DIY:

Sliding Compound Miter Saw

In my mind, there is no miter saw worth spending money on that is not a sliding compound miter saw. This means that the blade not only moves up and down, but also back and forth allowing you to make longer cuts. The larger the blade you opt for, for example a 12″ vs a 10″, the longer the cutting capacity you have. In comparison to other types of saws, the miter saw is the most convenient to use in my opinion, and the more cuts you can make on it the better.

This DeWalt Miter Saw is going to be a higher quality, more durable miter saw, but the price tag reflects it.

Dewalt Miter Saw

If you’re looking for a more budget friendly option that’s a good quality, try for this Skil Sliding Compound Miter saw.

Skil Miter Saw

Circular Saw

A good circular saw can make most cuts a table saw can make and then some, and is much more cost-effective. The main difference between the circular saws is battery operated vs corded. Battery operated is much more convenient, although you do have to purchase batteries separately and keep them charged. The benefits of a corded circular saw are (sometimes) more power and never needing to worry about if the batteries are charged, although hassling with an extension cord and needing an outlet to use it can sometimes be annoying.

This corded SKIL circular saw

Skil Circular Saw

This DeWalt battery-operated circular saw comes with the battery and charger and is a very high quality saw.

Dewalt Circular Saw

Kreg Pocket-hole Jig

The basic tools you need will mostly be determined by the types of projects you want to do. I have used my pocket hole jig many times to build furniture like nightstands and desks, but I also consider it a necessity when building things like built-ins, cabinets, and floating shelves. There are varying degrees of functionality when it comes to the pocket hole jigs, and the one I recommend as far as ease of use and features goes, is this Kreg 720 Pro jig.

Kre Pocket Hole Jig

Drill and Drill bits

I LOVE my Milwaukee drill set! A drill set is absolutely necessary for almost every DIY, and having a good drill set handy is a necessity for most home owners even if you’re not doing much DIY. I highly recommend investing in a good brand that will last you forever and give you all the power you could want.

Milwaukee Drill Set

For a beefier, more powerful drill set for heavier-duty drilling, I love this Milwaukee 18-volt battery drill set that includes a hammer drill setting for drilling into concrete and other hard surfaces.

Milwaukee Drill Set

Don’t forget the drill bits! Heres a good basic starter kit.

Milwaukee Drill Bits

Basic Hand tool set

A good basic hand tool set is necessary for any DIY, and, similar to a good drill set is useful for even the non-diyers. Here is a good kit by Stanley that contains all the basic necessities and has great reviews!

Stanley Tool Set

At some point I’ll make a post on a more exhaustive list of DIY tools, but for now this list should hold you over if you’re just beginning!

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