Around Here, Every Day is “Bring Your Child To Work” Day

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that my girls help out quite a bit. Whether it’s chores or digging holes, they’re (usually) eager to help out. We want to teach them how to work and that it’s expected when you live in a family of our size. My niece and nephew, who live in Kansas, came to stay with me last week to earn a little extra money before school starts. They come from a family of 8, and boy do they know how to work! I was so happy to have an extra two sets of hands. I had lost hope of getting some of my backyard projects done, and by the end of the week, it was amazing that we had finished things that I didn’t think I would be able to get to for months. They’ve been digging, staining, painting, and helping me move and pour concrete. It’s been fabulous! If your kids want to spend a week at Auntie Crystel’s house, call me.

Malcom Isn’t Asking For Seconds

We started Malcom on semi-solid foods last week. His first taste of real food was runny egg yolk from one of our own chicken eggs we fried up. Egg yolk contains all kinds of healthy fats, fat-soluble vitamins, and is a great source of lots of brain nutrients like choline and omega-3 fatty acids. He seemed to like it, but he’s got a bit still before we start supplementing his food for real. Bananas and avocados are next.

The Stout Clan Cleaned Out Walmart

Walmart is quickly becoming one of my favorite stores to buy clothes. When I was in Utah at my sister’s retreat we have every year, one of the afternoons we all ran to Walmart to see what cute clothes we could find and then did an impromptu photo shoot and fashion show. Their outfits are linked, so check out the options!

My niece BayLenn – Boiler Suit / Crossbody Purse / Platform Sandals

Me! – Eyelet Dress / Slide Sandals

Sister #9 Shelley – Tiered Dress / Platform Sneakers

My Niece Addy – Babydoll Dress / Platform Sandals

Sister #1 Angelyn – Midi Dress / Sandals

Sister-in-Law Sara Ann – Midi Dress / Twisty Sandals

Sister #4 Monica – Denim Jacket / V-Neck Shirt / Capri Jeans / Brown Sandals

Sister #5 Lolly – Sandals / Denim Jacket / Eyelet Dress

My Niece Emma – Carpenter Jeans / Platform Sandals

Sister #10 Sondra – Maternity Jeggings / Maternity Top / Maternity Tank / Sandals

My Niece Lizzie – Capri Jeans / Brown Sandals / Purse / Belt

My Niece Jenna – Graphic Tee / Cargo Jeans / Black Sandals

My Great-Niece Tori – Smocked Tank Top / Hi Top Sneakers / Wide Leg Jeans

My Nephew Joe Boy – Shoes / Shirt / Shorts

My Niece Nichole – Smocked Linen Pants / Comfort Slide Sandals

Sister #7 Haylee – Capri Jeans / Platform Wedge Sandals

My Mom! – Sweater / Slide Sandals

My Niece Kate – Henley Shirt / Pants

My Nieces, Left to Right Hannah, Olivia, Michelle, Kate, Gabi –

Pants / Shirts / Clogs / Tan Comfort Slide / Pink Comfort Slide / Platform Sandals

They look so great! If you want to see other Walmart Collections, check out my Storefront on



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