Vacation Home Bath Remodel

Ya’ll. I am SO EXCITED to show you the new project I’m working on! My sister recently just purchased a cute little cottage that’s a little over 80 years old nestled in a small town a little ways outside of Zion National Park and has plans to turn it into a vacation rental. Me, being the project-hoarder that I am decided to invite myself over and take over the bathroom remodel, to which my sister happily obliged! I want to show you the before pictures, because this bathroom/laundry room seriously has so. much. potential.

Shower and curtain and toilet

Okay, so let’s talk about that little cupboard. First of all, whoever decided to put the toilet that close to it was clearly not thinking things through. I did try to open it but it only opens up about 6 inches. But you know what? It’s okay, because who needs a door cover over shelving in an abstract location anyway? That cupboard door will go. The plans here are to remove the cupboard door, remove one of the lower shelves because they’re too close together, and paint the shelving white. The wall to the left we will be installing beadboard about 4 feet up and trimming out the top. For the wall color I am thinking some sort of green, maybe a sage color? I will also be painting the tile floors (I have always wanted to do that!)

Washing machine and dryer

This here is the other side of the bathroom. These washer and dryers belong to the previous owners so we will be replacing them with front loaders that match, installing a shelf over the top of it, and re-doing the shelving above that. Probably floating shelves with a piece of trim along the front to make them thicker. We will also install beadboard on the whole back wall. 

Bathroom sink and shower and mirror

Okay, so I’ll be honest, while I like the look of pedestal sinks the practical side of me has a real problem with them. If I’m going to live in a place, I want somewhere to put my stuff! Thankfully since this is a vacation rental no one will be living there permanently, so the medicine cupboard above will just have to do. That tile behind the sink is going to go, though. We will be replacing it with beadboard and trim, again, 4 feet up. I have a brilliant idea for that medicine cupboard and lighting that I think will make a huge difference, and I’m excited to try it out! Stay tuned for that 🙂

Bathroom shower

This photo just doesn’t do the shower justice. #thatcaulkthough . It’s pretty gross. And by pretty gross I mean downright nasty. The caulking along all the seams is moldy and mildew-y and missing in some areas. the grout seems to be in good shape but there are quite a few locations where there is grout where there should be caulk. This is going to take some serious scrubbing, and then I’m gonna paint the thing!

Overall I’m going for a more cottage-y look. Here’s some inspo pics for ya.

This is what I’m thinking for the floors. I love that color! 

Remodeled bathroom white

Let the games begin!!



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