Stone Cottage Bathroom Reveal

EEEK!! It’s reveal day! I’m so excited to finally show you the reveal of the bathroom and laundry area I have been working on! This, you guys. This is what makes it all worth it. I always get such an amazing feeling of accomplishment after I complete a project and that is why I blog! I’m hoping that I can inspire you juuuuust a little bit, enough that it makes you want to accomplish something noble for yourself and feel all the same feels. You want to know why? Because accomplishing noble things gives you purpose in life. If I can help give someone purpose in life then I’ve accomplished something noble. See where I’m going with this?

Laundry Room

The shelves hadn’t been touched in years and were starting to bow in the middle because of the weight, lack of support in the center, and humidity of the bathroom.

Messy laundry room

Drum roll please…

TA DA!!! Here’s what it looks like now! I built the open shelving, and then used these IKEA baskets to hold toilet paper and small hand towels. We gathered up a collection of glass apothecary jars to hold things like bars of soap, cotton balls, Q tips, dryer sheets and Laundry soap. We found a new (to us) matching washer and dryer set on the facebook marketplace, and my talented sister Haylee re-purposed a nightstand to bridge the gap between them, and then built the cabinet over top out of MDF. How clever is that?!

beautiful laundry room
Wall Color: Valley Mist by BEHR

You might remember this old medicine cabinet and the shower that needed some serious help.

Bathroom mirror
old shower and toilet

Well take a look at it now! It’s bright, white, clean and (if bathrooms are allowed to be) a very inviting space to be in! We have yet to put some pictures in those frames, and will likely hang something on the wall behind the toilet still, but it has definitely come a long way, don’t you think?! I removed the door covering the shelves (it hit the toilet so it wouldn’t open all the way anyway) and then busted out one of the shelves to make them more evenly spaced and functional. I stenciled the tile floor with a little bit of chalk paint and used a high traffic floor polyurethane for protection.

beautiful bathroom

I have literally painted almost every square inch of this bathroom besides the toilet, sink, windows and washer and dryer. (But did you know Rust-oleum makes an appliance paint??)

shower makeover

GAH! It just feels SO GOOD to go in there now. Is it so wrong that I want to spend all my time in this bathroom? You know, just hangin’ out.

Stay tuned to see the major changes we are making in the kitchen, it’s gonna be amazing!

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