Festive Porch With 3 Types of Greenery and Warm Tones

Another holiday is here, and I’m showing you how you can create a fun, festive look for your front porch! If you have a small porch like mine that isn’t symmetrical and is difficult to decorate, look no further. Here is the perfect recipe for a festive front porch using several types of greenery but still creating that warm feeling we all love around Christmas!

Christmas porch decor using different types of greenery and warm tones

Decor List

Buffalo Plaid Outdoor Rug

Tall Natural Concrete Planters

Artificial Cedar Topiary Trees

Artificial Boxwood Shrubs

Burgundy Chiffon Silk Ribbon

Decorative Hanging Bells

Twinkling Fairy Lights

Norfolk Pine Garland

Norfolk Pine Wreath

Seeded Eucalyptus Garland

Natural Woven Baskets

Natural Wood Lanterns

Marble Flameless Candles

Command Hooks

Christmas PJ’s

Working With a Space That Isn’t Symmetrical

Our house is older, and after moving in I quickly noticed our porch was not symmetrical, and our door didn’t have equal space on both sides. In fact, there is no space on the left side of our front door whatsoever! Needless to say, I have to get creative when decorating the space. Over the summer, I decided to give the porch a temporary makeover until we get around to renovating it to look more appealing to the eye and more functional. I love using different types of greenery each season to give the porch an inviting look!

Front porch ready with gray door and rug

Currently, when decorating the front porch, I have to pull my planters, various types of greenery, and decor up past the rugs and away from the door on the left side to give the illusion of symmetry. Some people may be worried that there isn’t enough room for people to get in and out of the front door, but there is plenty of space. I am such a fan of decorating the porch in affordable ways by using different types of greenery that can work for every season.

Decorating Using Different Elements and Traditional Christmas Decor

I wanted to add different types of greenery as my base, which I did with my cedar topiaries, the boxwoods, and my wreath and garland set. I also wanted to add warmth using the plaid rug, wood tones, and gold accents. I chose to add organic elements like the concrete planters and wanted to add a bit of color using ribbons. To top the look off, I used twinkling lights and candles.

Front porch and front door after adding wreath and garland set and Christmas decorations

Adding In Different Types of Greenery

To make the porch feel like Christmas, I used cedar topiaries, which I also used in my Thanksgiving decor, and all year long, even though they are technically a wintery plant. Cedar topiaries add height to the porch without any maintenance since they are faux greenery. They are my favorite to incorporate!

Lady Holding Faux Cedar Topiary Plant

To balance out the height of the cedar topiaries, I incorporated some smaller boxwood faux greenery.

Lady holding a faux boxwood plant for her front porch.

I also added my favorite garland of all time, the Norfolk Pine Garland, around the door frame. The garland was put in place by screwing it right into the trim of the door frame. You could also use command hooks to secure it up.

Woman drilling hole in door frame to install Christmas garland
Lading putting up faux Norfolk Pine Garland onto front door of front porch for Christmas

The last of the three types of greenery that I used was the Norfolk Pine Wreath. The wreath and garland set add another element to the door.

Lading holding a faux Norfolk Pine Christmas Wreath for her front door

Adding Organic Elements and Warmth to The Different Types of Greenery

I first placed my plaid rug onto the porch, then added the concrete planters to give an organic element to the look. The cedar topiaries were added to the concrete planters, providing height to the look.

Woman placing faux cedar topiaries in concrete planters on front porch

Next, I added natural woven baskets for the boxwoods to be placed in and natural wood lanterns, helping bring warmth. The woven baskets and boxwoods also help to give balance.

Woman placing decorative wood baskets on Christmas front porch
Woman adding wooden lanterns onto front porch

I added the perfect wreath and garland set to my Christmas decor! Garland went around the door frame and the wreath onto the door. Then, I tied some beautiful burgundy ribbon together, placing it on the wreath with gold rustic bells to provide that warm and cozy feeling.

Woman placing bells and bows on Christmas wreath and garland set on front door

Because it’s Christmas, I had to have Christmas lights and candles incorporated into the theme! I used twinkling fairy lights and battery-operated marble candles. Both provide that magical feeling you want around Christmas, with the twinkling and flickering effect.

Woman holding battery-operated decorative marble candles

I may be late decorating my front porch, but at least I got it done before Christmas! And in my festive PJ’s, no less! Check out how I decorated my Christmas tree and mantel for more holiday decor ideas!

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