Doctors and Dentists and PT, Oh My!

Charlotte’s Retinoblastoma Update

Charlotte had her exam under anesthesia, and as we hoped and prayed for, she’s all clear. She’s got one more appointment in 3 months, and if that’s clear, her exams will be every 6 months until she’s 5. At that point, they’ll examine her every year for the rest of her life, but at that point, it’ll just be a clinical exam and is much less invasive than what’s done now.

Eleanor’s Abscess Update

Eleanor was lucky enough to inherit her father’s bad teeth and had an appointment at the Dentist to get an abscess in her tooth taken care of, along with a bunch of cavities. During her visit, she had a spacer installed, 1 tooth extraction, and 3 fillings. Next week, she’ll have even more cavities filled. We’ll have to do some bribing before the next visit because this last one was pretty traumatizing, even with being given laughing gas. Any ideas for non-candy bribery items would be appreciated.

My Shoulder Update

During my physical therapy appointment, I found out I have a rotator cuff strain. At least, we’re hoping it’s just a strain. I’m doing exercises to help it heal, but if I don’t notice an improvement, I’ll have some imaging done to confirm if it’s a tear.

Malcom’s Cuteness Update

Malcom is officially 5 months and has started to roll over and has been wriggling around a bunch. He’s not outright scooting, but he is starting to roll in all directions. And he’s still such a happy little dude!

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  1. KMcG says:

    I was too old to have teeth coated to prevent cavities in my younger years, but is that an option for Eleanor? I have no idea on how to incentivize her other than to limit pain as much as possible during the procedure. That’s a lot of dental work for a young girl. ????

  2. Kathy Davidson says:

    Has Eleanor been checked for a tounge tie? This could cause her to breathe through her mouth, especially at night, which causes dry mouth, cavities and a host of other problems. A myofunctional dentist/facial therapist can help!

  3. Erin says:

    Poor Eleanor! I’m so sorry! Things we have done with our kids is let them pick out a new toy or taken them out to lunch at their favorite place or do an activity of their choice. I hope things go better for her at the next appointment.

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