2023 Holiday Gift Guide: For The Organizer

Finding the perfect gift can be delightful and daunting. But fear not! I’ve curated a selection of thoughtful, trendy, and timeless gifts that cater to every taste and personality.

Cabinet Spice Rack – $13

Spruce up your spice racks (or your organizing friend’s spice racks) with these clean-cut acrylic spice racks. They fit perfectly in the standard-sized cabinet – you will need at least two!

Glass Spice Containers with Labels – $30

These glass bamboo lid spice containers keep everything organized and looking clean and fresh. They come with three different styles of labels, so you can pick whatever style fits you best.

Bamboo Tupperware Lid Organizer – $33

Contain the Tupperware lids in one place – AND have it be pretty. If you have the dreaded lid drawer, you need this!

2 Pack Under the Sink Storage – $29

Under the sink storage is a must have. These plastic organizers fit perfectly and have pull out drawers so nothing gets left behind, and you can easily rinse them out.

Cube Soap Dispenser – $10

Comes with 2, and they are the prettiest green color. These soap dispensers are plastic, so they won’t break when your kids accidentally knock them off the counter. They clean up well and are stunning year-round.

Steam Shot Cleaner – $41

The steam cleaner that rules them all. This gets all those nooks and crannies you can’t reach or are hard to clean. Think cleaning your grout, shower… even your car! This is the IT cleaning gift of the season.

Car Vacuum – $27

Speaking of cleaning your car…. this mini car vacuum is amazing for the quick clean up after the park, beach, or sports games. This is a must have for any road trip family.

The Home Edit Book – $20

A coffee table book perfect for any organizing guru. The Home Edit is a favorite – the perfect gift for the person who has everything.

Label Maker – $24

Mini, handheld, Bluetooth, quick, and easy. Label everything to stay organized, and even add QR codes to your label so you can keep a running list on your phone. This is rechargeable and keeps its charge for 2 months.

Under the Cabinet Paper Towel Holder – $13

Get the paper towels off of the counter and hung up for easy access, and a clean cooking space—another great gift for someone who has it all.

Bamboo Jewelry Organizer – $50

This beautiful bamboo jewelry organizer keeps everything in its place but also looks beautiful on your chest of drawers or nightstand.

OXO Containers – $55

Keep your pantry, fridge, and storage room looking like a beautiful display – and never buy more than you need! I love these containers to know exactly what I have and to keep all my goods fresh and air tight.

Script Labels for Containers – $15

Label all of those OXO containers with these cute black script labels. They are ready to peel off and use right away and are water-resistant for washing. Comes with 375 of them, so you have a label for everything.

Acrylic Bathroom Organizing Containers – $8

Another clear acrylic container that is a must have, but for the bathroom! Display your tools and bathroom supplies in these pretty jars. The best part about them is they don’t break!

Zip Lock Bag Organizer – $50

9 in 1 storage bag organizer. The solution is to cut the clutter and have an organized kitchen drawer. Includes a plastic wrap dispenser with a cutter and baggie organizer.

Acrylic Fridge Calendar – $20

This calendar will change your life forever. It’s magnetic and comes with markers, a pen organizer, and two acrylic calendars so your family can keep all the activities and events where everyone can see them. A must have this season!

Rolling Storage Craft Cart – $44

A craft cart is a must have if you’ve got kiddos or are a crafter. Keeping everything in one place makes things easy, and having the cart on wheels makes it even easier to get what you need when you need it.

Better Homes and Garden Felt Hangers – $10

Get your closet cleaned up and keep your clothes organized and uniform with felt hangers. If you haven’t switched out your plastic or metal hangers, now is the time. You won’t regret it.

Magnetic Organizer Washing Machine Rack – $59

When I saw this, my jaw dropped. This washing machine rack is genius for any laundry room, and since it’s built from powder-coated steel, it’s super-sturdy and water-resistant.

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