2023 Christmas Gift Guide: For Teen Boys

Finding the perfect gift can be delightful and daunting. But fear not! I’ve curated a selection of thoughtful, trendy, and timeless gifts that cater to every taste and personality.

Lego Slide Away Toy Storage – $65

If you have a Lego lover, you need this stowaway storage. They can keep all their legos together and pull them out on the same mat to build. Easy cleanup and put away!

Method Body Wash – $21

Method Body is awesome with its plant-based cleansers that also smell so good. Grab one for his stocking!

Gift Card Game – $15

Want to give him some cash but don’t want it to be boring? This puzzle allows you to put the gift card in and lock it. They will have to solve the puzzle to get their gift card out! It’s such a fun idea.

Retro Penny Board – $42

Bringing the retro penny boards back! I remember when these were all the rage, and I love that the smaller sizes are back—great gift for your wheel-loving kid.

Carthartt Beanie – $19

A great stocking stuffer to help him stay warm this season. It comes in so many colors and is a great price. Grab one for his closet and one for his car!

Bath and Body Spray – $10

A body spray to throw in his gym bag or wear every day. He’ll still smell like your teenage boy, but better!

Corduroy Shacket – $23

Add this oversized and very cool/cozy shacket to his closet. It can be layered with a hoodie, and has extra large pockets to hold all his stuff. And it’s a great price too!

Mini Cornhole – $20

Cornhole, but make it mini. Give this to your college kid for his desk, or add it to your game night closet. Great for quick fun inside.

Sky Viper Stunt Jet – $70

How fun is this stunt jet? Get the fun of a drone, but do tricks and flips! Equipped with soft landing gear and a beeping tracker, you won’t lose it while flying.

Deodorizing Sneaker Balls – $15

Throw these in his stocking, or put them in his gym shoes yourself. These deodorizing sneaker balls are a must-have for any mom with teen boys.

Phantom Rubix Cube – $14

This Rubix cube is perfect for your puzzler! The warm touch of your fingers activates the squares, so the more you turn, the more you will see the colors, making it extra challenging and fun.

Adidas Gym Bag – $44

Replace the ratty gym bag with this nice and new Adidas duffle. These have a lifetime warranty and are water resistant.

Champion Fleece Joggers – $35

Cozy, warm, great for the winter weather, and looks nice. Every teen needs this great “basic” in their cold-weather wardrobe.

Disc Golf Set – $21

Disc golf set, perfect for beginners. I love the gifts that keep kids learning and active. You may want to grab two to set up!

Travel Quencher – $45

Get him a Stanley, but make it cool. Perfect for road trips and great to keep at home so they aren’t getting a new cup every time they need a drink.

At Home Escape Room Game – $14

How fun is this game? Bring the escape room right to your living room. Fun for family and friends.

Snack Box – $29

What teenager wouldn’t love a massive box of snacks? Stock up your pantry, or stock up their car for the long days at school or practice.

Glow in the Dark Football – $27

Play all day and all night! Grab this light-up football for your sporty kiddo, or grab one to play with the whole family!

Electric Drumming Kit – $59

Built-in headphone jack and rolls up to take anywhere! I love this gift for any music enthusiast or a kid who wants to learn how to drum.

Pocket Projector – $219

From smartphones to the big screen. It’s an excellent gift for a techie teen. Think movie nights, gaming nights, and family and friend fun in a small, portable pocket projector.

Retro Mini Fridge – $30

Stash their drinks and snacks, but make it their own, and super fun. Any teenager would love one of these.

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