simple and organized diy tiered spice rack

Easy and Functional DIY Tiered Spice Rack!

Are your spices an unorganized mess in your kitchen cabinet? If so, this tiered spice rack is for you!

Trust me, I get it! Having to pull out all the spices just to get to the one spice you need for your dinner recipe is not ideal. This is why I make myself a simple tiered spice rack in every house we move into. Having your spices organized is SUCH a game-changer! Follow along to build your very own simple and aesthetically pleasing spice rack.

Complete DIY tiered spice rack in kitchen cabinet

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Spice Jars
Label Maker
Tape Measure
Table Saw
1×2 Plywood Pieces
2×4 Plywood Pieces

Cleaning Out Your Spice Rack Cabinet

Before starting my DIY wooden spice rack project, I took all the spices out of my cabinet and wiped it down. Then, I went through my spices to see what I had and threw out any expired spices.

Empty and clean kitchen spice cabinet

Creating New Labeled Jars

After getting an idea of what I had, I consolidated any duplicates. I didn’t like the mismatched look of the original spice containers, so I bought some pretty matching spice jars to put the spices into.

As I placed each spice into its new spice jar, I made sure to label them before forgetting what each one was. Now, I have pretty labeled spice jars to place on the tiered spice rack I made.

Building My Tiered Spice Rack

Once all my spices were organized into their new jars, I measured the width and depth of the inside of my cabinets. The width of the inside of my cabinet was 13 1/2 inches, but I ended up cutting the width of each board a quarter inch shorter than the inside of the cabinet so they would go in easier.

Measuring inside kitchen cabinet for spice rack

For this spice rack, I created 5 tiers. My first tier of plywood shelves was 8 1/2″ deep by 13 1/4″ wide, the second tier was 6 3/4″ deep by 13 1/4″ wide, the third tier was 5 1/4″ deep by 13 1/4″ wide, the fourth tier was 3 1/2″ deep by 13 1/4″ wide, and the fifth tier was 5/8″ deep by 13 1/4″ wide. These measurements will change based on the size of your cabinet and based on the spice jars you decide to use.

I used 1×2 and 2×4 plywood pieces and started cutting my wood for each tier to size. I used two pieces of plywood for each tier so the spice rows would sit high enough to where I could read the labels on each jar.

Putting the Spice Cabinet Back Together

Once all pieces of plywood were cut to size, it was very easy to put them into the spice cabinet. Just stack them in the cabinet from biggest to smallest and they are ready for all your spices!

Updated 5 tiered spice rack in kitchen cabinet

I like to organize them alphabetically so I can find them easily!

Pretty and organized DIY tiered spice rack in kitchen cabinet

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