The blog started as my personal journey through home transformations on a tight budget. It's grown into a space where I share mistakes, victories, and step-by-step projects to empower others. Through this platform, I aim to instill confidence in every reader, showing that a dream home isn't about how much you spend, but how much love and effort you pour into it.

Building Confidence and Homes Together

The Journey of Crystel Montenegro Home

My DIY voyage began as a simple creative outlet. With my husband in medical school and our budget tighter than ever, I was determined to make our tiny bedroom both comfortable and beautiful. That first project of building a nightstand using just a drill and some wood I had Home Depot cut was pivotal. Not only did it bring furniture to our space, but it also awakened a creative spirit within me that I hadn’t realized existed.

As the years have gone by and our family has grown...and grown...and grown some more (with no end in sight), my love for DIY hasn't waned. In fact, it’s grown stronger. Every corner of our home tells a story, a testament to late nights, mistakes made, lessons learned, and the sheer joy of crafting something with my own two hands. Crystel Montenegro Home isn’t just about the projects though. It’s about resilience, discovery, and the belief that with a bit of grit and creativity, anyone can transform their space.

Hey there! I'm Crystel,


Stuart finally graduated from medical school and was accepted into a residency program in Omaha, Nebraska. For the first time, we were able to buy a house!! This is where the journey continues…we hope you’ll follow along!

2022: We Graduated and Finally Bought A House

After spending some time at a different sister’s house in Salt Lake City, we finally found a place to live where the owner graciously allowed us to fix the place in exchange for rent. We felt so fortunate! This was the first home we had lived in where I was given full creative control and virtually no budget limit. It was a dream come true!

2021: We Found A Place

Our 6-month-old baby Charlotte was diagnosed with a rare cancer of the eyes called Retinoblastoma. This shook us to the core, and we had to begin monthly treatments in Phoenix, sometimes even bi-weekly. Thankfully we caught it before it spread to her brain, and the chemotherapy worked wonders against it. This continued to be a several years-long battle.

2020: Our World Was Rocked

In the middle of the COVID shutdown, my husband took his medical school boards and was ready to move on to rotations. We were assigned to move to Provo, UT. We were so sad to be leaving this home! This is where I had accomplished my largest project to date, building a front porch almost completely solo, and where I felt my Instagram account finally started to gain traction.

2020: Time To Move... Again

My sister and her husband, who lived nearby, purchased an investment home. She and I convinced our husbands to let us move into it and fix it in exchange for a lower rent. They relented, and we rejoiced! This home provided ample projects for my blog and Instagram, and I had much more freedom here to combine all of my woodworking and design skills.

2019: We Moved

I didn’t know the first thing about blogging. And truly, I don’t even remember what motivated me aside from just wanting to share my projects. I enrolled in a blogging course, read up on Google on how to start a blog, and went for it!

Stuart was accepted into medical school in St George, Utah, and we moved to Santa Clara into a rental where the owners were open to me making changes. I painted the kitchen cabinets and walls and learned how to refinish furniture. That kept me with enough projects to put on my blog, and I finally got the courage to start my Instagram account.

2017: The Hobby Continues
2017: I Started A Blog

I wanted a nightstand for the basement we had just helped my sister finish, and I couldn’t afford to buy one. So I researched blogs and found the perfect plans. I didn’t own a saw, so I bought the wood and got all the cuts made at Home Depot, then came home and screwed it all together and painted it. I was so proud!

2017: I Built My First Piece of Furniture

My sister invited us to live in her basement in exchange for helping them finish it. She let me help with all the design decisions, and I realized how much I loved it!

2016: I Caught The DIY Bug

I met and married Stuart in Provo, Utah, while he was attending BYU. At the same time, I was finishing up Cosmetology school training to become a hairdresser.

2014: Wedding Bells

Shortly after high school, I served a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Los Angeles, CA where I learned to speak Spanish.

2009 - 2011: Missionary Service

Born and raised on a farm in southern Utah into a large, happy, functional family of 16 children (I’m number 15).

1988: Humble Beginnings

The Timeline

A little history

I enjoy English, particularly creative writing, and I hate math

Favorite School Subject

Cucumbers, hands down. Also, I'm not fond of cheesy-flavored anything

Least Favorite Food

I love to play volleyball and I was a state champ javelin thrower in high school

My Favorite Sport

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